Additional Services

User Choice (Apprenticeship and trainee-ship funding)

As a User Choice pre-qualified supplier we provide funded courses through the User Choice scheme. User Choice provides a public funding contribution towards the cost of training and assessment services for eligible Queensland apprentices and trainees.

User Choice provides funding through an employer-employee based sign up system. To be eligible for User Choice funding you need to be signed up through your employer and through the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network. For more information on User Choice funding please read here.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


  • Recognition of Prior Learning is an evidentiary process that matches the outcomes participants have achieved through unrecognised learning and/or life/work experience against the outcomes of the specific competencies

  • Assessment is the process of collecting evidence and making judgements on a participant’s achievement of the performance requirements set out in a competency standard.

  • Recognised learning provides achievement of nationally endorsed competency standards or accredited courses evidenced by a qualification or Statement of Attainment

  • Unrecognised learning includes programs that do not lead to achieving nationally endorsed competency standards or accredited course outcomes (e.g. Statement of Attendance, workplace mentor program etc.)
    Benefits of RPL:

    RPL creates flexibility in a system that previously discounted or ignored some forms of qualifications and informally gained skills. Benefits stemming from the use of RPL for employees and employers:

    • Reduces unnecessary time spent in re-learning competencies already held. Thus prevents costly retraining
    • Enables credit towards qualifications
    • Provides an indication of any gaps in skills and knowledge of employees

    The Assessment Process:

    • The Facilitator/Trainer/Assessor is responsible for determining the extent of RPL and applying the process
    • Participants should apply directly to a IPS Institute Facilitator/Trainer/Assessor for RPL, and discuss with the Facilitator/Trainer/Assessor the best or most appropriate means of demonstrating competence